Miller Harris: Scherzo & Tender Launch

Miller Harris created two new fragrances, Scherzo and Tender, inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is The Night. Both perfumes sold out within 3 months of launching and elow you will see the marketing efforts we made to create hype around these much-coveted scents.

Packaging Design

We worked with creative agency, JKR, lending input to the branding of the fragrances and packaging design.

McQueen's Garden Design

We collaborated with McQueens Flowers, to create the garden described in Chapter 6 of Tender is The Night, within the event space of Miller Harris’ press event.

Literary Influencers

We reached out to literary influencers to create and share content inspired by the fragrances. About 20 influencers were involved in the campaign, including; @sweptawaybybooks, @polly.florence, @fictiontea @cfeecup and @silkreads

Bookshop Events

We helped organise pop up events at independent bookshops, including Golden Hare Books, Belgravia Books and Heffer’s. At these events our guest speaker,  @everdandysilverfox, explained the link between the fragrances and the literature which inspired them, whilst sharing detailed insight into the notes of the scents. These events were attended by influencers and members of the public.

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Penguin Collaboration

We partnered with Penguin publishing, to create a co-branded excerpt of Tender is The Night, which we shared at the bookshop events and with press.

Content Creation

We organised photoshoots across London, to create content of the fragrances in lifestyle settings, which was subsequently used to promote the fragrances across the brand’s online channels.